Friday, June 20, 2008

So much to say

and, then I forget. I think about all of the whitty sharp comments that I want to say. I think about how I want to write about X that happened, or y and what it meant, and I am in the middle of Z project and so I don't. So I forget what it was. Does it mean that 1) my story, the one I thought was so horribly important at the time wasn't, that it was just another bit of drivel? 2) that I am doing a better job at staying on task and finally beating my life long ADHD? 3) I am just getting old, fat and forgetful?

I would rather it be one of the first two; but I fear it is the later.

Back to the gridstone and a training in Shanghai today. Had a great dinner last night with a bunch of law school friends and plans/dreams for a big reunion next summer for the 25th anniversery of the WUCL summer program in Shanghai.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Playing with my new camera

The kids swimming at Uncle Haitham's

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Its days like today I hate Singapore

I hate the fact that I can't afford a car... or frankly just refuse to pay 100K for a flippin' mini van. Not to mention road taxes, gas, insurance. Anwyay, when it rains we can't get out of here. The advantage of living where we do is it is quiet. The disadvantage is that the mass transport up here is the bus. Thats it folks. The bus and the bus stop... oh yeah, that would be in the rain. So we take a taxi. Or we try. All I wanted to do was go see some friends.

I have spent over an hour trying to get a taxi. None are available. Mostly cause the pussy drivers won't drive in the rain so they just go home.

I hate Singapore today.

Friday, June 06, 2008

The Queen of the Multi Task

I am very very good at multi-tasking. Too good, but often that is really really bad. I get projects started and 95% done and then I move onto something else and find it hard to get back to the project I started with.

(<---a photo organizing project I started 2 months ago, still not done)

I am sure I was an attention deficit type of kid, before that became a label and a prescription for drugs. I don't always think that is a bad thing. My short attention span has worked well for me and I have learned to work well with it. I have tons of things that interest me, I am very rarely "bored" in terms of needing something to do as I can find something to spark my interest and I love learning new things. BUT...

(<----reading blogs in the morning)
I am often bored. I don't want to finish X because the new thing Y is much more appealing. Just take a look at my Good Reads "currently reading" shelf. yes, I consider all of these books currently reading as I pick one up, read a few pages and then move onto something else.

What I often crave is the ability to be with the moment to be able to focus all of my attention on one thing fully and completely without distraction to be able to finish a project with my whole heart and mind, to be able to give my attention to my family fully and wholly without thinking about the business, work or the blackberry buzzing in my pocket.

I crave moments of absolute clarity and attention. It is something worth working on and towards.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

books books books

Oh my goodness, I am such a book nut recently. I can't stop reading and I am loving it. I have always been a reader, but I am just facinated by the website Good Reads.

Good Reads is a combination social network and book referal. You can read what your friends have read, you can track all of the books you either have read, or want to read, you can review, comment and otherwise hang out in groups of similarly minded bibliofiles. It is just awesome, really it is.

Here is an example of some of the books I have read. Some are older, just posting them to the site now...


Now this is my widget for books that I want to read.


Wanna know what I have put on my Simple Living/Simplicity bookshelf??? Well here you are


So how freaking cool is that? All books, All the time.... one of my next goals is to finish cataloging all of the books on my shelves, put them up on Good Reads, either as read or to read... maybe stop buying new books (like that is going to happen....when Salvation Army sells them for about S$2.00 each....)

Anyway, I love books :-)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wow... time where does it go???

So, first off, things with Jeff are better. Seems like he has his issues resolved. At least for a few months, and then he will face a new job challenge again, but for now all is good.

Things have been crazy. I have traveled all over again, Taiwan (for an overnight and then back out the next day) China, I am planning another trip in June to China for a few days, then back to Singapore and hopefully no travel until after our 3 weeks in Oregon in July/August.

The book is on its way to the editor today from my last edits. Hopefully the last version I see will be the ready to print version. I can't wait!

We have done some thrifting recently. Gave away a bag full of old toys, I have a closet full of clothes to review and donate this weekend and I found these great IKEA knock off shelves for the kids room at Salvation Army. I spray painted them and then let the kids decorate them as they wanted.

This is the result... a faux Ikea Shelf Hack.

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