Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What A Year

My 2010 Planner
Photo from koalazymonkey on Flickr

It has been quite a year. One that has been filled with excitement and frustrations. One that saw a house fill with too much stuff, be pared back, and then fill itself up again. One that saw a mom work too much, get frustrated and start to look for that which makes her heart sing. One that saw a dad get excited about a project and a business which keep him as busy as he wants to be. A change in one business and the possible collaboration on starting some new ones. One that saw a return to values that we believe in and a goal to working down those paths. New friends and old have come through our lives and made it richer. A year of personal triumphs and major medical setbacks. Amazing travels and the joy of staying home. Not a simple year. No, not at all. But one that was savored for every bit of juiciness that it brought. So, as the holidays are approaching and I am not on the road, here is a photo montage of the year. The slide show is about 3 minutes...enjoy.

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