Friday, November 30, 2007

Shameful, really.

This stack of boxes represents my scrapbooking paper. This is only the 12X12 stash. This is after I cleared out hundreds of pieces to sell in a moving/garage sale this weekend. (The stack on top in plastic). If you assume that the stack on top is a couple of hundred pieces... well you get the idea of my problem.

I swore when I moved from Taiwan I would not store up... because I moved at least 1/3 of it here... the other 2/3's has been accumulated over 3 years in Singapore with real stores... stores where I can go down and buy one sheet at a time if I want.

A new scrapbooking goal. I will not buy ANY new paper until February 2008. Not a single sheet. Starting today. During the month of January I will scrap only with Far Flung Craft papers or that from my stash. I mean it.

There is no excuse for over consumption and today I caught myself red handed.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Things to be thankful for:
Family both here and away

Friends, even those who cancelled on us for dinner and left us with a whole EXTRA turkey...

The fact that we could get two small turkeys
Our current home
Our new home
The Biz
Faye (just cause)
Jeff and the kids
the kitties
our health and our "wealth"

A sunday thankful holiday celebration

Monday, November 19, 2007

Local Produce- 100 Mile Diet in Singapore?

I have been reading This Organic Life, by Joan Dye Gussow. I have enjoyed reading about her committment to growing as much of her own food as possible and eating local. I am also aware of the 100 Mile Diet and the challenge posed to do a 100 mile Thanksgiving. Well, a carve out first, we would not be able to have turkey in Singapore if I followed the 100 mile diet challenge. But, it is an interesting thought.

Living on the island of Singapore, I would assume that upwards of 90% of the food is imported. Very little if any true agriculture exists in Singapore anymore. I wonder if I could do a 100 Mile diet. What is local? What is seasonal? What are seasonal veggies in the tropics? Would it be possible to supplement my own food by growing some on my new patio?

When we move in a month we will be blessed with a 15X15 foot patio. I spent the weekend dreaming of a container garden, small but still there. Perhaps some eggplant, peppers and some "greens". A papaya tree we have been told will fruit in 3 months if properly tended and it can be potted. Same with a bananna tree. So over the next few weeks I think I am going to do some research and find out more about eating local. I may need to expand my 100 miles a bit broader based on the simple fact that Singapore doesn't grow its own food, but I would assume I can get most of my "food" within a 200 miles. I need to find out local sources, I need to find out what can and is produced in the area... but it might be an interested idea.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


An amazing place. I can't even begin to digest what we were able to see in 2.5 short days. Dad and Lin got a bit of the "Siem Reap" Belly... having drank the hotel water (big no-no)... but otherwise, great hotel, great sites... wonderful people. I must go back and see more.

Here is just one shot from the trip

More can be seen here

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

3 day vacation

Not much, just a quick one. To see Angor Wat. On my list of places to go for years. Going tomorrow. Need to leave house at 4:30 am. CAN'T Wait!

Back with pictures on Sunday!

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