Friday, April 28, 2006

An Essay on Hell

This week has been bad. It sucked. I don't ever want to have a week this bad ever again. Ever. My week, starting last Friday, began with the horrible day of putting my dog to sleep. It sucked, it was horrible, I hated it. As much as I know it was right to let her go, I still miss her. I miss having her tail me around the house, have her sit in the office... heck I even miss the noxious dog farts, cause it was all part and parcel of her.

I worked a good part of the weekend on a big big deal for TI. We just sold off our Sensors and Controls division to Bain Capital for 3 Billion bucks. Worked our asses off. I worked on both the Malaysia and Singapore sides and thank god that was it.

Monday, the escalator at Bukit Panjang Plaza argued with Jeff. Jeff lost, so we spent 3.5 hours in the hospital (while I was supposed to be working on the above closing) and Jeff got admitted to NUH for surgery. If he had a blog, he could tell you all about it, but I guess being in a Semi-private room with 3 others still sucks if you are placed in the renal ward.

I flew out early Tuesday morning to Taiwan for work, after only about 3 hours sleep Monday night. Didn't get to see Jeff he was still at the hospital. Worked all night Tuesday (all night) slept about 1 hour solid, the rest of the night would wake up every hour to check email.

Wednesday,all day on phone for closing, only to get urgent SMS from Jeff saying Kiera has now been admitted to hospital for Asthma. So, I cancel the rest of the trip to Taiwan and come back to Singapore. Life sucks. I really want it to be better next week. I guess the optimist would say it could have been worse, or it can only get better. I can only hope for the better next week.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Today, my beloved best friend quietly went to sleep while I held her head and cryed with her. She looked me straigt in the eye until she went to sleep. Her life was a great one, filled with adventures of all sorts. From hikes around the great State of Oregon, camping with friends and family. Running around like a mad dog on crack after eating a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans, to jumping 6 foot fences. To hording food for the "possums" under our porch, to burying Lisa's turkey bagel sandwitch. Flying around the world as a international traveler, to being a watch dog and protector of me, Jeff and the kids.

JD, the best dog. A good dog. A dog that was part of my family-my life-

Rest in peace.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

All Around the World

I have been thinking about how blessed Jeff and I have been in terms of the places we have visited.

I am going back through some older pictures and I will make a list of where we visited starting February 2002 and ending in March 2003.

First, we lived in Taiwan.
So, we traveled to Singapore in Feburary 2002 for Chinese New Year.
We went to Phuket Thailand in April 2002
Shanghai China, July 2002
Japan in October 2002
Hong Kong and Macau November 2002
Guam in February 2003

Then back to the States in May 2003 to introduce Kiera to the family.

So, in one of my next posts i think I will make a list of all the places I have been... and a list of where I want to go. Now, international travel may not be high on the list of most simple living enthusiasts, but we forgo a lot in order to indulge in our passion. We have a 19 inch TV (which belongs to the apartment) We don't own a car, we don't eat out or shop at high end grocery stores every week. We don't shop often (or frankly even enough) for new clothes... What we do instead is travel.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The view out my window.

I am involved, well involved loosely, in an ongoing art journal lead by Shimelle Laine from the UK. Each week she sends us prompts about life, and we then take these and put them into our journal. I have been a bit remiss in my journal, and I am sorry for that, because when I have time to art journal, I love it. I hate my overall results, see I am not much of an artist, but the process itself is awesome. Well, last weeks prompt, which arrived late, was about taking a look around. One of the challenges was to look out of each window in your house. Then, carry it further, take a picture of every window you pass. Well, I can't really do that, as I do have to work in an office with people today, but I brought my camera and I am doing almost the challenge.

The point is, I am looking at Singapore today. It is really an amazing city when you think about it. I saw a movie this past week, called ring of fury. It was filmed in Singapore 30 years ago. Most of Singapore was rural and undeveloped. I think of where Los Angeles was 30 years ago. Or where New York was, London? Amazing. So, today I am taking pictures of Singapore as I go by. Gives me a few different impressions.

I will post my pictures later to flickr.



Monday, April 03, 2006

Tea Anyone

so after 2 years of living in Singapore, the day before Dad and Linda left we went for High Tea at Raffles. It was good, but I guess I expected more. I had such high hopes for High Tea. they have a dress code afterall, but people were dressed in "jeans" or in t-shirts... which technically meets the code, but loses in spirit I believe. Anyway, the nibbles were tasty....

If you want to see what my weekend was like, go check out my Far Flung Blog. Nice way to fall... :-(
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