Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reducing consumption/reusing....

I just went to my favorite haunt in Singapore the Salvation Army. If I can, and I do tend to forget, I try to find as much of my stuff as possible there. There is nothing more green than reusing old goods.

So, I bought 10 books today. Didn't need them, but I am a book junkie... and at 1 each (buy one get one free sale) I picked up a few. Plus, less that goes into the landfill in Singapore, a good thing. I have also scouted out a few pieces of furnature that we need. A clothing receptical (an armoire) for the guest room and perhaps a teak table for the patio. Which, I think is a good thing, the less teak they cut... the less slash burning... the better we are.

Thrifing rocks!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, I am home. It has been a long couple of weeks on the road, and truth be known I am back at it next week. I talked to my mom yesterday and said I look forward to April in my own bed. Good news is that the Jet Lag has been pretty good this time. I am becoming a strong proponant of better living through chemicals when it comes to dealing with Jet Lag. Pop an Ambien on the plane... sleep from LA to Tokyo. Go direct to bed when you get home (not hard considering that it was 3am)...

Next night force yourself to stay up until 9... REALLY HARD... pop an Ambien. The next day (Monday) I was really good until around 2:30 when I got a bit light headed, but it passed and I had very little problem until around 8:30 that night. Stayed up til 10. Pop one more little sleep helper and you know what... today I don't feel tired... just don't want to be working that's all... so a normal night planned for me tonight and digging into the World Without End by Ken Follet.

Ok, back to the grindstone... lots of TI work, plus... tons of FFC stuff to get done too :-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who links to me?