Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reducing consumption/reusing....

I just went to my favorite haunt in Singapore the Salvation Army. If I can, and I do tend to forget, I try to find as much of my stuff as possible there. There is nothing more green than reusing old goods.

So, I bought 10 books today. Didn't need them, but I am a book junkie... and at 1 each (buy one get one free sale) I picked up a few. Plus, less that goes into the landfill in Singapore, a good thing. I have also scouted out a few pieces of furnature that we need. A clothing receptical (an armoire) for the guest room and perhaps a teak table for the patio. Which, I think is a good thing, the less teak they cut... the less slash burning... the better we are.

Thrifing rocks!


Anonymous said...

I love thrift stores, which are sorely lacking over here in Taiwan. I scored a pair of Calvin Klein jeans, a perfect fit for $1.69. Also got a bunch of chapter books for Jaylene for a dollar or so. Made the suitcase heavy, but she loves reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Edleen said...

i wish there are more thrift stores here... and about having less teak, Oh No! hehe... our home is filled with them :P

have a Great Weekend!

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