Monday, September 26, 2005

Last Post of the Day

Olympic Mountains. 1996. Posted by Picasa

Last post for the day. Young couple, in love, in Washington State. God we were such babies. 9 years ago!

The Killers

OH I love this Disk. I need to listen to it again. great songs. Lots of critics panned it... who cares. It rocks.

They Rock. Posted by Picasa

Critics don't particularly like the proclaimers either.

For the everyday post below. Posted by Picasa

The munchkins, holding hands. Please notice the purse... my girly girl won't leave home without it! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 23, 2005


One of the greatest things this group of girls over on a scrapbook board I lurk at is come up with weekly dares. This last week was "everyday". IN otherwords, scrap something that is part of your everyday.

Here is mine.

Ken Wilber

First of friends and family. If you read this blog and you want to do some MINDBLOWING reading pick up a book by Ken Wilber. Any book. I am reading the Simple Feeling of Being. I know that Blythe you are more than familiar with the most amazing Ken...


This quote just sort of sums it all up.

"The directions to finding God, which are printed on the box in which your Heart came, are simple: relax the mind and body; with reverence and devotion, gaze into the Heart; feel the Love-Light radiance that permeates your entire body, and your entire mind, and all of nature, and all nations everywhere. A Current of Luminous Compassion creates and sustains the entire gross and manifest realm, a Current known by many, many names--the Holy Ghost, the Sambhogakaya, saguna Brahman, Arwah or divine luminosity, Keter, the subtle body--but a Current that, in all events, is simply the sound of the beating of your Heart keeping rhythm to the pulsing of the world."

Nothing more to say.

Monday, September 19, 2005

We welcome you.

Well, the news is in. Jeff and I have been approved for permanent residence in Singapore. The goal of become a PR is twofold. First, we can now contribute to the CPF (Central Profident Fund) Which is the SIngapore government form of government sponsered 401K plan. Not a big deal, we set aside $ for savings every month. BUT our employers must now contribute as well.

Also, the good news is that we are no longer dependent on Jeff's work permit. My work permit has been issued on the account that "jeff" has one. should Jeff leave his employer, without a new job, we would have two weeks to leave Singapore. Obviously not what we want to do. So, now we go in, have blood tests, x-rays and the like. Prove that we are healthy... and we are good to go.

On other news, Delcan saw a speech therapist. WE were very happy with Vasu and what he intends to do with Declan. The evaluation was long and hard for the little man, but he did super. Vasu, is a speech therapist who has done both his undergrad and masters in language pathology in the States. He gave the D-man all sorts of test, checking what his baseline level of understanding and abilities are. He also did some oral motor evaluation. While we are still waiting for the results, basically we were very encouraged. He thinks his expressive speech is obviously delayed, but his receptive is not far off the mark. In otherwords he understands at nearly his age appropriate level. Some things like plurals and verbs are still a bit behind, but it make me happy to know we are not far that way. Declan may be slightly apraxic in terms of his oral motor ability, but we will have all sorts of fun games that Declan will play in order to work on those as well.

Cheap, well, no. The therapy will run us about $500 a month, but our little man is totally worth it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Updates on Family, Life and Everything

So, I have been chastised by many members of the family for my lack of communication... It is not that I purposely ignore you... just really busy thats all. Remember peeps, you can always try to call me....

Well, what is going on.

Declan is on his second field trip of the month. He is off for the WHOLE day today. First they are going to the port to look at ships. Then, on a train ride off to the airport. After looking at the airplanes all day... they are going to come home, tired and full of stories to tell around 5pm.

Stories for Declan aren't too involved at this stage. He still is pretty quite, but we are now at the point where with coaching he will tell us what he has for lunch at school. He also knows his address... 93 Cashew Heights. He also knows how to tell the taxi driver where his favorite coin operated rides are, as well as the restaurant that sells milkshakes and "cookie man". Cookie man, for those who aren't in the know, are actually gingerbread men, with m&M buttons and eyes. My children are future sadists as they take great joy in exclaiming "OH I ate his EYE"... or "oh no, I ate his foot".

Anyway, Declan will be evaluated for speech again (nothing like EVERY FLIPPING PERSON FAILS TO ACCEPT THE PRIOR EVALUATIONS>>>>) anyway, that will take place on Friday. His first session... that will be OCtober 4th.

So, Kiera. Well her favorite things to say now are... thats mine, I don't want it (or more correctly in her language "I no wann it"... and wheres my binkie. I love 2 year olds.

Love to you all


Thursday, September 01, 2005


Here are a few great pictures of the kids...

Delcan reading as part of an ad campaign for his school

Declan Watkins

Here is Kiera in my office in March(I need to get some pictures on my computer of her)

Kiera Watkins Office

More to come tomorrow

Old Pictures Old Memories

I have been looking through a bunch of old pictures the last few weeks. As soon as my shipment of stuff came from the states, I had the chance to sit down and look at some pictures that go back a number of years.

Old boyfriends- I wonder what you are doing? Did your life turn out the way you expected when you were 19? In some cases I thought I was so in love with you at the time, and now look back and think my life would be dramatically different. Was it really love, or a misguided youthful wish?

Old friends, Sorority sisters, high school and college chums- Where did you go? What did life give you? Are you out there on Google?

I can hardly imagine that I am sitting here, sometimes 20+ years ago... looking back at this young kid. First off, I was pretty cute. Second, I was really skinny, third... I was so full of life. I went to dinner last night at our favorite Hawker center, ordered myself some chicken prata... wanted to go home and go to bed by 7:45.

What happened to my reckless youth?
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