Thursday, September 01, 2005

Old Pictures Old Memories

I have been looking through a bunch of old pictures the last few weeks. As soon as my shipment of stuff came from the states, I had the chance to sit down and look at some pictures that go back a number of years.

Old boyfriends- I wonder what you are doing? Did your life turn out the way you expected when you were 19? In some cases I thought I was so in love with you at the time, and now look back and think my life would be dramatically different. Was it really love, or a misguided youthful wish?

Old friends, Sorority sisters, high school and college chums- Where did you go? What did life give you? Are you out there on Google?

I can hardly imagine that I am sitting here, sometimes 20+ years ago... looking back at this young kid. First off, I was pretty cute. Second, I was really skinny, third... I was so full of life. I went to dinner last night at our favorite Hawker center, ordered myself some chicken prata... wanted to go home and go to bed by 7:45.

What happened to my reckless youth?

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