Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I think a lot about simplicity

I think about how I wish I lived a more delibarate life. I think about how I wish I was more efficent at my "job" so that I could do more with my family and enjoy more of the day. I think about cooking meals, keeping a simple home, providing for my family while still providing for the well being of my self and for the well being of my family.

I think a lot about money. Why it seems that I am frugal only when I am forced to be. Not that I am a spendthrift. But when both Jeff and I are working full time we seem to spend money more easily. Why can't we continue to live budget minded even if we are both fully employed?

I think a lot about my daily intake of food that is processed and not simple. I think about the cost of the daily Starbucks/Diet Cokes I drink. It is not healthy in body or spirit to eat this way.

I am too busy for another few weeks to do much more than think about many of these things. It will be nice to put a few projects to bed and do more than just think about the life I want to live.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Not dead just busy

Lots is happening... I am writing the last chapter to the "Asian Scrapbooking" book that I have talked about before. I am done with the ROUGH design of all of our papers for Far Flung Craft's first release of papers. My partner Faye and I are now about to set about with more back end work before final printing, including UPC codes, shipping supplies and better methods and of course never ending marketing work.

My 9-5 (or 7-7) job is really demanding now as well. I am involved in two high level initatives being driven by Dallas that in the long run will make our company more efficent and lean (which in turn means more money to teh shareholders and hopefully a raise for me...), but it is demanding work! I will be traveling to the US for a 2+ week business trip the last week of SEptember first week of October and while it will be nice to do some shopping for some much needed supplies (like skivies for me and the kids) things are so busy here it will be tough to catch up.

I really can't wait to finish the book and I can be back down to only two jobs, which of course is 2 more than I would like, but someone has to pay the bills.

Been thinking a lot about simplicity lately, just not living it, but I did get rid of a bunch of stuff out of the closet and have another 2 bags to take to Salvation Army!

Back again soon!
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