Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I think a lot about simplicity

I think about how I wish I lived a more delibarate life. I think about how I wish I was more efficent at my "job" so that I could do more with my family and enjoy more of the day. I think about cooking meals, keeping a simple home, providing for my family while still providing for the well being of my self and for the well being of my family.

I think a lot about money. Why it seems that I am frugal only when I am forced to be. Not that I am a spendthrift. But when both Jeff and I are working full time we seem to spend money more easily. Why can't we continue to live budget minded even if we are both fully employed?

I think a lot about my daily intake of food that is processed and not simple. I think about the cost of the daily Starbucks/Diet Cokes I drink. It is not healthy in body or spirit to eat this way.

I am too busy for another few weeks to do much more than think about many of these things. It will be nice to put a few projects to bed and do more than just think about the life I want to live.

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Chris Naftzger hooked me up with your blogs. Love them. The kids are beautiful!

Get in touch some time.

Stella Edens Pederson

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