Monday, June 25, 2007

Going through some old photos today

I am trying to think of a layout for the Asian Scrapbooking book featuring "asian animals". I want to do a layout of Declan, as a baby and use a Snake in the layout. Not your standard scrapbooking page I assure you! So, anyway, I just started to sort through some of the old pictures of him.

This one is in January 2002

June 2002

and this one is June 2007

What a cute little guy he was and it is hard to believe that this year will be the sixth anniversary of his birth. How did 6 years go so fast?

So a few of my sweet boy today. Enjoy!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Self Portrait by Declan

Just in case you wondered why one child got billing and the other didn't. Here is Declan, self portrait.
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My Girl

The first weekend of June was slammed busy... one of the activities was our TI Singapore family day. Our new MD, Kwee Song is the "photographer" in the company and this was his picture of Kiera and her baby doll Lisa Joy.

I hope you like it.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Addicted to Stuff

Well, and to things to do. I guess I am really part of the short attention span generation. I am always looking for the newest and funnest thing to keep me occupied. More is better, less means I actually need be be involved and engaged. You know, that old rub.

This weekend was crazy busy, so much so I am sort of at a loss what to do today. You mean I can/have to actually sit down and work, and write?

A few updates and things going on right now.

7things... been a while since I have sent 7 things out the door, so this weekend... did quite a few.

7+ Books, a bunch of broken toys and some diapers

Some Childrearing/preganancy books

La Leche Leguge "the womanly art of breastfeeding"
What to expect when you are expecting
Baby Signs
Heathly Sleep Habits, Healthy Child

and a big stack of disposable diapers (unused that I gave to faye)

This is more of the letting go of the third child dream.

plus some fiction Jeff and I have both read
LA Requiem, Robert Crais
A salty pice of land, Jimmy Buffett
Treasure, Clive Cussler
The Alienist, Caleb Carr

In other news:

I have just committed myself to another blog, this is a scrapbooking dare blog with girls from Singapore leading the charge. I am not sure why they asked me cause they are way way talented, but I am glad to be part of the group. You can check out the work here at {Create} Make it Happen.

And, in perfect alignment with my goals of living more lightly on the earth, which frankly of late I have been doing a p---- poor job of... my layout on my addiction to stuff.
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