Monday, June 25, 2007

Going through some old photos today

I am trying to think of a layout for the Asian Scrapbooking book featuring "asian animals". I want to do a layout of Declan, as a baby and use a Snake in the layout. Not your standard scrapbooking page I assure you! So, anyway, I just started to sort through some of the old pictures of him.

This one is in January 2002

June 2002

and this one is June 2007

What a cute little guy he was and it is hard to believe that this year will be the sixth anniversary of his birth. How did 6 years go so fast?

So a few of my sweet boy today. Enjoy!


Edleen said...

when will we meet your good looking kids? *wink*

Jenn Tan said...

he is so cute!!! love the 2002 pix..

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