Friday, September 23, 2005

Ken Wilber

First of friends and family. If you read this blog and you want to do some MINDBLOWING reading pick up a book by Ken Wilber. Any book. I am reading the Simple Feeling of Being. I know that Blythe you are more than familiar with the most amazing Ken...


This quote just sort of sums it all up.

"The directions to finding God, which are printed on the box in which your Heart came, are simple: relax the mind and body; with reverence and devotion, gaze into the Heart; feel the Love-Light radiance that permeates your entire body, and your entire mind, and all of nature, and all nations everywhere. A Current of Luminous Compassion creates and sustains the entire gross and manifest realm, a Current known by many, many names--the Holy Ghost, the Sambhogakaya, saguna Brahman, Arwah or divine luminosity, Keter, the subtle body--but a Current that, in all events, is simply the sound of the beating of your Heart keeping rhythm to the pulsing of the world."

Nothing more to say.

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