Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Stuff at my house

I am on the road again, traveling for business (which frankly I really need to think long and hard about how I can reconcile my travel with my simple/ecological ideals)but I guess my Salvation Army purchases arrived while I was gone. But here is the ethical issue. I paid twice for shipping, but the invoice I got from the shop did not clearly show I paid for the transport. Would you just right it off as a "donation" to a good cause of go back and ask for the 70 dollars? It is not a big amount, but it is the thought of it...

Anyway, I guess we have a new outdoor table with 4 more outdoor chairs. They are teak (but someone stained them). A note on teak. I have no problems with teak that has been recyled. Teak that was cut years ago from the forests, what I do have problems with this teak being harvested at alarming rates in Indonesia and other parts of SE Asia causing mass deforestation for "cool" and ethnic looking furnishings being sold at cut rates in Walmart/target and the like in the US... Oh and i know my love of target is incongrous with my environmental ideals..

I also have a storage unit armoire for my guest room that will allow me to put away some of the stuff stored in there and have a place for guests to put there stuff when they stay with us. I can't wait to get home, clean up these items and get stuff put away!

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