Friday, March 14, 2008


I have just started to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver about her year of eating locally. This again brings to mind the ability of someone living in certain places to eat 100% locally. She mentions in her book that is is not possible if you live in Arizona for example to eat locally, so she had the luxary of moving to Virgina in order to live her experiment. While I still think it is almost possible in Singapore a number of inital concessions would need to be made.

First, is 100 miles far enough for an island country with virtually no agriculture. I could get local goat milk...check.
local vegetable...check
local fruit? Some... ok we will assume this is possible.

Local meat? Chickens maybe...pork..probably not, beef..again maybe..

What about other goods? Cooking oil? Nope, that would not be possible (how do other locavores do this, or is it under the exceptions?)

So, the deeper question in my mind is locavore the way to go? Do you need to be hard core? Does it have to be an all or nothing deal? Locavores and Vegans both tend to be pretty hardline, but I am weak... I have a certain affinity for items that will never be produced in my area... wine is just one.

Ah, enough rambling... I need to get on a plane and get back to my home in Singapore. Kiss my kids and fall into my own bed for a good night sleep. It is about time.


valereee said...

Of course it doesn't have to be all or nothing! If something is grown or produced locally, choose the local products. If something isn't available locally, try to find it regionally and from small producers who raise their animals organically and ethically. Explore traditional foods in the area. Don't be hard on yourself! Half the reason for becoming a locavore is discovering the joy in local eating -- don't make a religion of it!

Edleen said...

hipe we'll catch up for Teh Tarik & Prata when you get back :)

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