Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The view out my window.

I am involved, well involved loosely, in an ongoing art journal lead by Shimelle Laine from the UK. Each week she sends us prompts about life, and we then take these and put them into our journal. I have been a bit remiss in my journal, and I am sorry for that, because when I have time to art journal, I love it. I hate my overall results, see I am not much of an artist, but the process itself is awesome. Well, last weeks prompt, which arrived late, was about taking a look around. One of the challenges was to look out of each window in your house. Then, carry it further, take a picture of every window you pass. Well, I can't really do that, as I do have to work in an office with people today, but I brought my camera and I am doing almost the challenge.

The point is, I am looking at Singapore today. It is really an amazing city when you think about it. I saw a movie this past week, called ring of fury. It was filmed in Singapore 30 years ago. Most of Singapore was rural and undeveloped. I think of where Los Angeles was 30 years ago. Or where New York was, London? Amazing. So, today I am taking pictures of Singapore as I go by. Gives me a few different impressions.

I will post my pictures later to flickr.



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