Friday, November 30, 2007

Shameful, really.

This stack of boxes represents my scrapbooking paper. This is only the 12X12 stash. This is after I cleared out hundreds of pieces to sell in a moving/garage sale this weekend. (The stack on top in plastic). If you assume that the stack on top is a couple of hundred pieces... well you get the idea of my problem.

I swore when I moved from Taiwan I would not store up... because I moved at least 1/3 of it here... the other 2/3's has been accumulated over 3 years in Singapore with real stores... stores where I can go down and buy one sheet at a time if I want.

A new scrapbooking goal. I will not buy ANY new paper until February 2008. Not a single sheet. Starting today. During the month of January I will scrap only with Far Flung Craft papers or that from my stash. I mean it.

There is no excuse for over consumption and today I caught myself red handed.

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