Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sore Arms, Too Much and Moves

Nothing like a move to remind you of your goals to simplify. We honestly believed we had done a good job at keeping our stuff to a minimim. But, we were wrong. Boxes and Boxes. Stuff and more "STUFF". It seemed to be sort of like tribbles, the more they got together, the more stuff seemed to reproduce. I guess the big question is what can we and should we get rid of. Truth be told, we have a family of 5. 3 adults and two kids. There are 5 beds (plus a guest bed) a home office and a home business. Kids toys and clothes. Jeff and my clothes. Books, dishes, cooking stuff and cookbooks. Other than pictures and scrapbooking stuff we don't have much else, but it ended up being three truck loads (20 foot trucks but still 3).

What I wonder is really how much is enough, how much do we need, what if anything could we get rid of? How much stuff do I need? Can I pair down even more? We did a fairly decent run to Salvation Army before the move started. As we unpack, I am going to go through it all again. I am sure there is a thought here about the need for comfort and pleasures. The need to know that I have pretty china and crystal to use for holidays and dinner parties. The comforts of home if you will.

Are those old vinyl couches, that I just got slipcovers for (thanks Dad and Lin)good enough to keep? We don't have a TV, so can we find one used? We just bought our new bed and new guest bed from a "show" home so while they are "never used" they are hardly new. Where do you draw the line between frugality, simplicity, recyling and the desire for good pretty things?

No answers, just questions, and typed with a sore arm from moving...

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Living in Singapore said...

That sounds like my accumulation of stuff! I am trying to cut down on buying things, otherwise moving is just a nightmare :)

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