Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Year in Review-Travel

I thought I would write down some thoughts about the year. Give myself a bit of perspective, when I look back, on the crazy wild ride that has been the year.

First, the travel

I went to LA in January 2007 to attend CHA Winter 2007. I then joined my family in Baja Mexico for a week in February.

The last week of February I traveled to KL Malaysia for trainings, and then in mid March I went to Hong Kong.

In April I stayed home, which was nice, because in May I went to Bangkok Thailand and Shanghai.

June found me back in Malaysia, July I was in Shanghai.

August we went to Hong Kong Disney as a family and I flew to Korea for work.

September, I flew to Portland for a day, then on to Dallas for the first two weeks of October.

November I was in Shanghai and Cambodia, cancelled a trip to KL and December finds me in Taiwan for the first time this year.

So, that is 9 countries (excluding Singapore). And to think I barlely kept my "gold status" this year.

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Anonymous said...

Are you in Taiwan now? Will you be able to come up and see the baby?

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