Monday, February 14, 2005

Chinese New Year-Again

It is the year of the rooster. Hum, well lets see, I did not do a very good job of keeping up the site. SO, for the year 4703 (or 2005) for those of us Western Folk.. I promise to do better.

Want to see what I have been doing? Well, I have been working like mad on my new website. The new site will be a sister to Fibers From Afar. The sister site, Far Flung Craft will be awesome. It is going to have an art gallery, project ideas, a message board and my new products.

Now, while I am doing the web building, you can go look at the new products over on my old site. The new products, I am calling them Googaw charms and Frou-Frou embellishment kits are pretty nifty. You can see those pages here:Googaw Charms and Frou-Frou

Anyway, how am I doing on simple living in Singapore? Hum, lets see, I work full time from home at a real 9-5 job, then I am trying to raise two nutty crazy beautiful kids, I am trying to run a web based craft business, and I am trying to stay current on the world. Simple living is what I crave! More next time.

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