Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tell it like it is. Dan Eldon

I posted over at Far Flung Craft Blog that I admire the collage work of Dan Eldon and Peter Beard. For those of you who don't know, Dan Eldon was more than a collage artist. He was Rueter's youngest photo journalist who was killed while in Somolia during the famine in 1993. He was a journalist, an artist, a soul that believed in helping others.

I was contacted by Rita King who has started an interactive project in honor of Dan, and his mother and sister who have created an organization in Dan's honor.

Rather than repeat Rita's entire blog post, I will link it here and give a brief snip.

I’m asking for the participation of everyone interested in exercising their right to free speech who would like to make a substantial statement about current events.

Some of you voted for Bush. Some of you did not. Some of you didn’t bother voting at all. For better or worse, President George W. Bush is the leader of this country. We are at war. Climate change, which happens within or without the presence of humans, is becoming an overwhelming force of nature.

We have so much to think about

She goes on to give the details of the project

Those of you who want to share your thoughts about the current state of affairs in the United States are cordially invited to submit an essay of no more than 1000 words on this subject; serious entries only.

Limited to one entry per reader, each essay must be 1000 words or less on a subject that will illuminate your intimate thoughts on the state of current affairs. Be as abstract or specific as you’d like. Email each entry to with a portrait of yourself, taken by a friend, your child, a professional, yourself, as long as something about the photograph conveys a sense of who you are.

Seems like a good thing.

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