Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Potty and talking

So, we are making great strides with Declan, on both counts.

First, we have had three successful poops in the potty. We hope this trend will continue because he was awful darn proud of himself yesterday when questioned about the poop.

Second, our first real speech therapy was yesterday. Our therapist Vasu was educated in the US and follows the US method of therapy. I say "our" therapy because at every session either Jeff or I must attend and we get homework.

This weeks homework includes blowing on a recorder 25 times in a row for 3 reps. this is to help build up his diaphram strength. We also blow bubbles... same reason. He has to sit upright in a chair with his hands on his lap... We will be getting a little electric tooth brush. This is to get his mouth stimumlated. In otherwords, we put the electric tooth brush in one spot and then have him put his tongue where the tooth brush was. Finally, we also do bite exercises to strengthen his jaw.

Plus we practice a bunch of sounds and work on our conjunctions this week. WOW... I am tired already...

Took some cute pictures, but will need to go finish the roll of film and get it developed... hint hint a digital point and shoot would be a great Christmas present.....

Talk to you all soon.

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