Thursday, January 12, 2006

Its about time!

From Treehugger

The World's Largest Solar-Powered Sustainable Community

The US Army and Actus Lend Lease have plans to build the world's largest solar-powered sustainable community on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The construction of 5,388 new homes, renovation/restoration of 2,506 residences and the creation of 10 community centers will cost US $2.2 billion dollars and will produce seven megawatts of photovoltaic paneling, providing approximately 30% of the community's electrical needs. The second-largest such solar community, the Sydney Olympic Village, had less than one megawatt of photovoltaic power installed.

Makes sense to me. I always wonder why we don't see more solar down here in the tropics. Singapore would be a great place to install solar panels, use some renewable energy or at least reduce the dependence on other forms of electricity generation in the area.

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Venitha said...

I keep thinking that Singapore is in such a unique position to make itself a showplace for sustainable energy, recycling, conservation. It's very depressing to me how there is zero interest in this sort of thing here.

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