Thursday, August 10, 2006

No More Milk :-(

Yes, that is a frowny face. I have fought this for years. Denial is a good thing. I just can't drink milk. Cheeses seem to be ok, a small bit of milk with my cereal is ok, but no milk. I get sick. Don't need to tell you details, but it is just not fun.

So, I haven't been a glass of milk drinker for a long time, but I do like Mochas, Lattes.. ice blended drinks. Give me the shot of extra whip... cause it tastes so good. How will I survive? I had a soy Mocha yesterday at Starbucks. It was ok, but not quite the same. The only good is good for loosing weight. And, good for my pocket book. While Jeff and I always try to watch what we eat, and what we spend our money on... my weakness has always been that ice blended drink at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. 7 Sing dollars and a stomach ache later, I always feel bad (both in a literal and figurative sense) afterwards.

So, onto another healthy change. Feeling better, feeling a bit richer the tune of 7 dollars, but still feeling a bit sad for the loss of my favorite drinks.

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