Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wired Magazine October 2006

So, Wired has a couple of interesting articles this month. The first is just a one page article on the "green" choices. Now, everything has always taken a toll, but the paper vs. plastic debate has long gone on. So, rather than reproduce the entire page... here are Wired magazines' choices

1. Diapers-Cloth or Disposable? Go cloth if you wash at home, second choice is disposable last choice is a diaper service. Why? Look at not only the landfill use, but energy consumption to produce, dispose and launder diapers. And, draught prone areas should probably consider disposable.

2. Paper or Plastic? Paper takes more energy to produce, but are bio degradable, and take more room in landfills. Choice: Get your own cloth and reuse.

3. Coffee Cups? Ceramic may not be the best choice as it would take the equivalent of 294 paper or 1800 polystyrene cups to make just one ceramic cup. So, don't buy a new ceramic cup, use the one you have.

4. Hand wash dishes or dishwasher? Handwashing almost always uses more water. Go for the dishwasher.

The second big article is on biofuels. I need to finish this one and I will be back to post about it.

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Noix_coco said...

Alternative to diapers: no diapers! To read: Diaper free from Ingrid Baueur


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