Sunday, February 18, 2007

Back to real life

Vacation was great, CHA (the trade show I attended in Anaheim) was great, full of inspiration... I am now filled with ideas and dreams about where I want to be and go over the next year. The Compact pledge took a minor hit while in the States, but overall I think I did well. I had "preapproved" myself to shop for supplies for my book. I spent around 600 dollars on scrapbook supplies that I then mailed to my design team members. This is all JUST paper and supplies for projects to be used in the book and while a good portion of paper went in my stash as well, it is earmarked-specially set aside and intended for the book.

Target however I have determined is evil. I love that store, its displays, its design the items it carries are just right up my alley. I think they did it on purpose. We went into Target to buy socks and undies for the kids and ourselves and it was EXTRA hard not to buy all of the pretty household items, cool funky supplies-to avoid the dollar lane, but I walked out with only the stuff on the list for the kids and 2 shirts for myself. I could argue that I needed the shirts as I did not have enough longsleve shirts, it was colder in LA than in Singapore yada yada yada, but truth be told those were slips off the compact pledge. I also bought 2 magazines.

The hardest part, believe it or not, was coming back to Singapore and not shopping here. We are stuck here with a long holiday weekend and while I should be working on the book I bought another magazine (told you where my weaknesses lay)....I have also found myself wandering in stores wishing wanting to buy.... Other than the magazine I have been strong, but it was hard. I really am impressed with those compact members who have been able to completely do the pledge. But, no recriminations... now it is just back to it and on to another day here in S'pore.

In the meantime I will share a few pictures of Mexico and Disneyland for your viewing pleasure.

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