Monday, August 27, 2007

Object of my affection

I know you can't really see the size of this cute little can, but I am in love. infatuated if you will. blissed out by the sheer cuteness of this little can of diet coke. Now, for those of you who have been to Japan, maybe not such a novelty, I have seen these cans before, but they have them in Korea too and they are just so stinkin' cuddly I want to take them to bed with me for a good ole cuddle before I quaff the yummy drink inside.

Diet coke not your cup o tea? How about original flavor Mountain Dew? Lots of US service people in Korea... Coke Zero anyone? Why don't they sell that in Singapore btw?

Ah, to gaze upon your beauty for a few minutes more... then it is back to work
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Jenn said...

did you bring them back for us? :P

salme said...

hi kristy, a big thanks to you and the {Create} team for the RAK! Take care!

Edleen said...

Mountain Dew, gotta have it! Thankfully KFC has them!!! :D

so fun meeting up with you Kristy :D

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