Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Busy, Turning 42 and spending time at NUH

First, we had another overnight trip to the hospital. Kiera had another bout of "asthma" which required her to head off to the hospital for a night of nebulizer treatments. She was doing fine, but over the day it got harder and harder for her to breath. He O2 saturation rate went down to around 94/95 so they checked her in. It was 1am before we got upstairs... the doctors were really trying to send her home... and once we hit the room, she was out. It was another hour of processing intake for me....and then every hour they came in to give her meds/check something/fiddle. The best news is the next morning she was fine, as if it never happened and we were able to send her home.

CHA is looming, only 2 weeks. I have most of the big items (except for the catalog) done and now it is just wrapping up what was a long and busy months worth of prep. For the most part everything must be done by Saturday as Faye gets on the plane for a fun vacation before the show... and I finish up the rest of the work.

Oh, and I turned 42. Hard to think of myself as middle aged... but I guess it is creaping up :-) Well a 6 and 4 year old keep me young that is for sure!


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Jenn said...

Kristy.. how's the concert??... did you fainted? or just stared at him without moving??? *hahahahhhha** and still wondering what's Jeff reaction when he saw how crazy his wife is!!!

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