Thursday, October 01, 2009

Back in the saddle-and a PSA

HOME. HOME. HOME. No travel for 15 days and the next trip is VACATION! Can I say again I am HOME!

Today, October 1st we are crunching numbers, taking charge of the finances, working the steps in YMOYL, looking at long range plans-career goals- and generally getting back to what we know we find important.

More coming soon, but here is a PSA... One of my favorite blogs is Eating Asia, they are featuring a few cute puppies that they are caring for in Penang. I hope they find good and suitable homes for those pups. If you are in KL or Penang and want a dog, please contact them.... BUT first and foremost, don't forget to "shop local". For my Singapore friends, there are tons of dogs and cats currently looking for a loving home, check out these organizations for pets. My pupper Lina thanks you (as to her sister cats Sedona and Christmas and dog (JD) that we rescued and have passed on) all of whom were rescue animals. Pet store pets and puppy mill pups are inbred, generally unhealthy and abused animals. Everytime you purchase one you continue the cycle. Adopt instead and please spay and neuter.
PSA over, thanks for listening!
More tomorrow on the YMOYL tracking

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