Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Time to say goodbye?

Well, it is not looking like Sedona is going to come home. It has been 2 days. Nancy saw her when she left for church Sunday morning and then Jeff opened up the house at 7am and he did not see her. I saw her Saturday, but not again. It is very hard, the not knowing. If she wandered off, that is bad, but if she is hurt and can't get home that just kills me.

So far I have called the SPCA and the AVA (the National Veterinary Association) and will check out an additional resource called the Cat Rescue Society here in Singapore. I wonder if She wandered off to find a place to die (She is 9), if she went into an apartment and got locked in somewhere, if she did make it all the way outside and got lost, it is just so hard to know what happened. I guess we don't know, and we never will.

The kids know something is wrong, but I don't really know how much they understand that the kitty kitty is not coming home again. Declan looks at her picture and says bye kitty, but again, I am not sure he fully understands. Kiera is just mimicking us as we walk around saying "here kitty kitty".

I know that all pet owners face the loss of a pet, that is part and parcel of pet ownership, but we always assumed we would lose JD first and Sedona would be with us for much longer. So much for assumptions. I am just not sure we are ready to say goodbye.



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Just Jennifer said...

Kristy, so sorry to hear about Sedona. I hope you find her soon, or that someone has found her and is giving her a good home. Love, Jenn

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