Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies

Trying our first sourdough recipe today. Declan and I baked sourdough Choc. Chip Cookies. If the recipe turns out, I will post it! *btw, I am so happy to have a real oven again*

On one of the lists that I am on, one gal promotes shopping for a years worth of food. And, then keeping it and using it up from a pantry. I guess I am not quite sure I could do a full pantry... but then I do remember having a pantry out on Orchard View when we were growing up, and Bonnie keeps a well stocked pantry. I guess part of the rationale behind a pantry is "survival". In the event of a storm, power outage, or your random act of terrorism... the fact is that if you keep a stocked pantry, that you will have some food, water and basics to survive at least in the short term. While I can only think of one or two days in my WHOLE life (including the Typhoon right after Declan was born) that I was completely housebound, for some, it is probably a very real issue. The second part of having a pantry is that by shopping in advance, you can purchase those items that you need-in bulk- store them and use them up over a period of time. Saving time and money shopping.

The gal on my list (she lives in upper BC, Canada) has prepared a list that each week, that adds only a few key items (and the goal is less than 15-20 dollars) to your "normal" shopping list, and therefore, you gradually stock up. Then, if you follow the planned shopping list, over the following year, you consume the goods and replentish every 3-6-9-12 months- as you use it... again in bulk. This gal has been feeding her family (she and her husband I believe) this way for a couple of years. She does not keep more than about 9-12 months of food "stored" in pantry, but she does store a years worth of consumables (shampoo, soap, and the like). She also swears that after a few months her weekly grocery expense DECREASES...

It is an interesting thought, and one that I may adopt, partially. Living in a tropical climate will make storage of flours and the like more difficult as they stale quickly and are prone to bugs. But, in terms of stocking up on basic canned goods, TP, soaps, staples, might take further exploration.

Family update:
I am going to post a picture from Declan's makeshift birthday party. On his birthday we had cake with a couple of the Waldorf School moms who attended a craft session (these gals get together once a week to knit or sew or make Waldorf inspired play items for the children). I don't know if I posted about Declan's birthday, but it was very simple. He only got 2 presents. One was a great water toy that he saw and played with at the toy store in McMinnville (which then got packed back to Singapore) and a wooden car. But, frankly both toys were very well received and he has spent many hours playing with both. 2 toys was enough!

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