Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Toys (reduce step 1)

OK, so the first step of toy purge has taken place. I have only concurred the living room toys and still have the bedroom toys, but first half accomplished.

I threw away all of those toys that were broken.
Put away toys that were clearly baby toys. Will either donate or keep for a little while longer.
Sorted toys that still had "value" to them and put them into two piles. The donate pile and the keep and store pile.

The keep and store pile went into the closet and will get rotated out while the donate pile went into a plastic bag and will either go to the salvation army or will go with Jeff and Bonnie to Mexico for the orphans. (Jeff and Bonnie will come to visit in November).

So far, the living room has about half the toys it did before, and the kids don't seem to miss any that are gone.

Next step:

Pull out all of the VCR/DVDs and trash the clearly broken... divide remainder in half. Store half with toys in storage and rotate out after 2 months.

Next to last step:

Repeat step 1 in the kids bedroom.

Last Step:

Discuss with family what toys the kids need and what other alternatives we can do for holidays/birthdays in the future.

Ongoing process... always ongoing!




Just Jennifer said...

Kristy, I'm so enjoying reading about your progress! I especially enjoyed your post about beauty (you have more in common with Flylady than you know, even if you do find her a little annoying). You know how I've simplified in different ways partly out of necessity, and later, learning to appreciate simplicity. As the bank balance gets healthier, thanks to my husband, and now that I'm making an actual income myself, it is more of a challenge not to get sucked into wanting more more more. Your inspiring me to take a closer look at my choices!

Love and miss you,


Kristy said...

Thanks Jenn... Maybe I should take a look at flylady again in the future....a few too many projects on my plate right now :-)

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