Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Seems like a silly thing, but in Singapore it is hard to find full size western refrigerators. I hate the fact that most of the time, we buy food and we have no place to store it. I have wanted for as long as I have lived in Asia to get a full size fridge. Well, alas, those are BOOKU bucks. So, Jeff and I just purchased a early christmas present for ourselves. A freezer.

It is a chest style freezer. Still tiny by way of American standards, but it is big enough for us to start stocking up on food when it is on sale. For example, Turkeys are on sale now for 4.00 a Kilo (that is about 2.00 US for a 2.2 pounds). So... we want to buy more than just for Christmas and Thanskgiving. I think we will get 3-4 turkeys and then have the ability to cook a turkey perhaps in February. Won't that be nice!

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