Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Great Singapore Blogs

Ok, As my intent was to do more about Singapore... tell my friends and family what an awesome place Singapore is to live... I find that trying to do what I want, in addition to working my full time job....and running Far Flung Craft and trying to get SOME personal scrapbooking done... the pictures and posts about Singapore are fewer... well practically non-existant....than I wanted.

So, in order to give you all a real treat... here are some great Singapore blogs.

The first, Mr. Miyagi is an institution in Singapore blogosphere. He has recently been blogging about his time in the Singapore reserve army.

The next is a great blog I just found today, from Mr. Miyagi's article in the paper. Good Morning Yesterday is a great blog with pictures and stories about what Singapore used to be like. Awesome.

Finally, for an expat perspective on the wild wonderful world of tropical Asia... Check out Singapore Adventures. They are currently in Taiwan and eating our favorite food squid on a stick. Doesn't get any better than that.

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Mr Miyagi said...

Insitution? No lah. Institutionalised.

Who links to me?