Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers Day-Vomit and All

So, yesterday was mothers day and for the most part I enjoyed my day. I guess I am growing up, and at 41 it is about time.

Here is how the day went.

7am get up with Declan, give him breakfast, notice my right arm hurts really bad. take vitamins, and my first 2 advil of the day.
8am Kiera and Jeff get up. Kiera says Happy Mothers Day. Breakfast, well, nothing is offered to me, so it is a bowl of cereal.
9am kids off to Art Class- Sit down to write the book, which is hard when your arm hurts.
10:30 kids home and make brownies with Jeff. Kids kick me out of living room to sign and give me a card.
11:00 Brownies in Oven, I call my sister
11:45 I am off phone and realized Brownies are still in oven... Jeff forgot them and yup, they are burned.
12: ARM IS KILLING ME- More Advil
Kids nap/rest... I write/rest
5:00 We pack up to go to Pizza, the beach plans were skuttled due to rain
6:00 Kiera says she is car sick... uh oh
6:15 at pizza parlor she says she is still sick, but eats anyway.
7:30 on way home, Kiera pukes all over me and taxi. Taxi driver is surprisingly cool about it. Kids in bath, I shower puke off me.
8:15 Kids off to bed, even Declan
9:00 screw it, its mothers day... I go to bed to read my book. ARM IS STILL IN PAIN More ADVIL
9:15 Jeff complains there is nothing to read and falls asleep.
9:55 I go ahead and switch off the light and think to myself. My arm hurts, my husband is snoring (and farting) my kids are sick (Declan was sick for two weeks and is just now better) but really all in all it was a pretty good mothers day.

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