Thursday, May 24, 2007

In Freakin' China Man!

Sometimes my life is a bit incongruous. I want to live a slow deliberate life, one filled with an understanding of the things and life around me. You know the sucking the marrow from the bone of life type of thing. Walden....pond...its all good.

But then life sometimes doesn't work that way. I am truly an Aquarius. With mixed desires and intentions. I want simple, but I crave excitement. I want slow but I drive at 90 miles an hour when ever possible.

But, I guess once and awhile the two sides of my neurotic life actually come together and I can grab a moment of appreciation even while traveling around the world.

To whit: I am in Shanghai this week and last night and after dinner as I was walking down Nanjing Xi Road I recalled that it was almost 15 years ago (by just a couple of weeks) that I was in this city for the first time. The first time I walked down Nanjing Road in Shanghai in June 1992 I was amazed by the place. I was in awe and in love with a city filled with history. I was in freaking CHINA people. I was a young law student and I was going to be an international lawyer by God. I was going to live and work overseas. I was going to be HERE...

So, last night I had the similar revelation. I am here. I am doing what I wanted I savored the moment and then nearly said out loud...I AM IN FREAKIN CHINA PEOPLE.... ISN'T THAT COOL?

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L.L. Barkat said...

I must agree. That's cool.

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