Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Horrible Horrible Blogger

I so want to blog more often, to write down notes from my day. To tell people what it is like to live this crazy life of mine and how much I feel blessed to be doing exactly what I am doing every day... but then, I don't. I putz around reading other visual journals of peoples lives and mine just doesn't seem quite so exciting after all. Or perhaps it is the fact that I spend so much time wanting to post, that the actual words don't get drafted.

Ah well, perhaps a bit of an experiment, a post a week? Lets see...

So, here are a few images from my recent trip to Kuching Malaysia for your viewing pleasure.

Grandma Jean, Kiera and Jeff at the holiday inn damai beach.

Declan, Jeff and Kiera, Chillin at the pool


Anonymous said...

I'm all for you posting more frequently!

Edleen said...

great photos there Kristy. where are you? :)

hope you're having a Great Week!

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