Thursday, May 22, 2008

More ****, different day, or as the say... life goes on

Today is a really rough day around here. I am traveling and Jeff is having a tough day. Lies were told, expectations were not met and it has left him really disillusioned and bitter. I am lucky that I have met my yin/or my yang, he is my touch stone and balance. I am sure I dont tell him that enough, but it is true. When he hurts, I do. Such a kind and gentle soul doesn't deserve the crap that is often thrust onto him. Particularly the crap I send his way... but that is for another day. I know that what is happening to him has nothing to do with who he is, and he knows that intellectually, but it is hard to face emotionally sometimes. And, while I know (think) he doesn't read my blog, if he did I would hope that these words are nothing he doesn't already know. I love you babe and this too shall pass.

So, it must have been fate, kismet or karma that I read this post today, before I found out about Jeff's hard day. Zen Habits is a great website, one that was hyped by a number of "scrapbooking" gals, so I was a bit hesitant to check it out. Don't ask me why, I am t I don't like being a sheep and doing something just because, but at the same time this guy, Leo- a resident of Guam btw, which is pratically in my neighborhood, has it right. Life is tough, life is hard, life can be cruel, but ultimatly it is worth living filled with love, hope, joy and enthusiasm. Read Leo's letter to his son here.

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