Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wow... time where does it go???

So, first off, things with Jeff are better. Seems like he has his issues resolved. At least for a few months, and then he will face a new job challenge again, but for now all is good.

Things have been crazy. I have traveled all over again, Taiwan (for an overnight and then back out the next day) China, I am planning another trip in June to China for a few days, then back to Singapore and hopefully no travel until after our 3 weeks in Oregon in July/August.

The book is on its way to the editor today from my last edits. Hopefully the last version I see will be the ready to print version. I can't wait!

We have done some thrifting recently. Gave away a bag full of old toys, I have a closet full of clothes to review and donate this weekend and I found these great IKEA knock off shelves for the kids room at Salvation Army. I spray painted them and then let the kids decorate them as they wanted.

This is the result... a faux Ikea Shelf Hack.

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Jennie (Jenn) said...

hope everything is fine with Jeff..
take it easy my pal, and let us know if any help needed, you know we will be there...

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