Friday, June 20, 2008

So much to say

and, then I forget. I think about all of the whitty sharp comments that I want to say. I think about how I want to write about X that happened, or y and what it meant, and I am in the middle of Z project and so I don't. So I forget what it was. Does it mean that 1) my story, the one I thought was so horribly important at the time wasn't, that it was just another bit of drivel? 2) that I am doing a better job at staying on task and finally beating my life long ADHD? 3) I am just getting old, fat and forgetful?

I would rather it be one of the first two; but I fear it is the later.

Back to the gridstone and a training in Shanghai today. Had a great dinner last night with a bunch of law school friends and plans/dreams for a big reunion next summer for the 25th anniversery of the WUCL summer program in Shanghai.

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