Saturday, June 07, 2008

Its days like today I hate Singapore

I hate the fact that I can't afford a car... or frankly just refuse to pay 100K for a flippin' mini van. Not to mention road taxes, gas, insurance. Anwyay, when it rains we can't get out of here. The advantage of living where we do is it is quiet. The disadvantage is that the mass transport up here is the bus. Thats it folks. The bus and the bus stop... oh yeah, that would be in the rain. So we take a taxi. Or we try. All I wanted to do was go see some friends.

I have spent over an hour trying to get a taxi. None are available. Mostly cause the pussy drivers won't drive in the rain so they just go home.

I hate Singapore today.


Faye said...

Cars aren't all they are cracked up to be. It's taking me between 45-60min to drive the 18km from the city to the kids school, and that is going against the peak flow of traffic. Oh, and there was the minor detail of scraping a parked car (and smashing both mine and their rear view mirror) because a car crossed the centre line). Awaiting a quote for repairs to the other vehicle to see how painful it will be.

Can't wait til we move into our home next weekend. The car will stay in the garage and I'll be walking the kids to school - just hope the rain stays away!

Edleen said...

Kristy, nevermind the rain and perhaps it wasn't meant to be for you to be in town that day :D

glad we met up on Thursday and next time we'll try to make it to Jalan Kayu yeah ;)

wishing you a Great Weekend!

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