Friday, March 06, 2009

Finding Rythm

I really should be better about listening. Listening to my body, listening to the seasons, listening to others. I really was very down and out after going 110 miles and hour the last few months. After CHA (and all of the huge amounts of preparation that takes) I flew back home, jumped into a large amount of work, plus filling orders, plus getting ready for a big huge training spree I am on for the next few weeks. So, when the house of cards came down, I went with it.

I had the signals, the signs I was tired, but I ignored them and pushed. I am generally the type that feels I am getting sick, can take a half a day off, sleep a bit extra and knock it out before it hits. I failed to listen and I paid the price.

I realize I should listen more to the other things. Listen more to my family, why is my daughter being such a little poop recently. Why is D taking this opportunity to poke at her. What is the dynamic here and why is this taking place. I need to sit down and listen, find the problem and solve it.

One of the more interesting things I have been doing is continuing with my picture a day. I haven't posted them yet and many of them are boring to "the outsider" but I am seeing a lot of those day to day things that make up my life. Now, I need to find my picture for today. Just not in my office ;-)

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