Friday, February 27, 2009


So, we went to KL last week, I worked all week teaching legal seminars to TI folks at the plant. I lost my voice, which after having 24 hours of classes and training 1200 people is probably understandable.

We then spent Saturday with our friends Mark, Ingela and their lovely kids Casper and Adam. But talk about a study in extremes. Jeff and I were a bit too warm in the guest room, the aircon had a tricky secret that we didn't discover so our room was a bit too hot. All things considered it was probably 24 degrees (which is 75 F). Oh what big old babies we are.

This is the living conditions of the workers that are doing construction near M&I house. They have no aircon, of that I am sure. They are forced to "shower" outside in a big communal area by pouring buckets of water over their heads and they are sleeping in dormitory type conditions in shipping containers that have been converted by adding a few windows and doors.

Really it was a matter of extremes. I need to be much better at accepting the gifts I have been given.

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