Saturday, July 04, 2009

May-June recap

I am busy uploading my 365 pictures, which made me think of what a wild ride May and June were. So, here is what I did

May: Went to KL, three or four kids parties, traveled to BKK, held multiple high level negotations.

In June, traveled to KL twice, went to Thailand, had company from the US by way of a sister and family, sightseed in Singapore, held multiple meetings and phone calls, attended the last day of school with the kids, saw off multiple friends as they returned to their repective homes for the summer.

July looks to be equally packed with a trip to Brunei and KL planned, and August will see school start, trips to KL and Taipei and multiple little life lessons along the way.

So while I upload the rest of the 365 pictures today, here is one from May and one from our Thailand trip with the family (click on the link to Kathy's facebook pictures)

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