Friday, August 14, 2009


(Kids playing at a friends house)

After two long weeks of travel (with one 24 hour period back at home) I am heading home for a
whole 9 days YIPPEE she says tongue firmly planted in my cheek. But while it is only 9 days until my next trip I can't wait to lay back in my own bed -eat food from my own kitchen-sit on my patio or by the pool and catch up with friends and family. The more crazy my life gets with work and stress the more I want to be home in my little space hanging out with my kids and simply being.

at build-a-bear in Singapore

Fruit at Far Eastern Hotel Taipei

On Dihwa Street Taipei

Hello Kitty Departure Gate at Chang Kai Shek International Airport Taipei

Still doing my 365. Missed one day this week though. It was 11pm and I was too tired to get up out of bed, so I said forget it. I will put a bunch up this weekend when I am home, but here are a few from the last few weeks. I have started puting them into an album and it is facinating to see how some pictures re-appear time and time again. How certain shots either seem to take hold and catch my attention, or if really my life is that routine. In any event I love the daily shots of the kids, just doing what kids do and growing much faster that I think they should.

Travellers Palm, back streets of KL

Just a cup of joe, office in TI Malaysia

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