Monday, March 21, 2005

First Day of Spring

Renewal, rebirth. For those living in the northern hemisphere, and those places that have seasons (unlike Singapore), today is the first day of spring. This day has a few bitter sweet memories for me. I got married this day, back in 1987. Seems like a life time ago, in fact it was, it was a path that I started down and realized I needed to turn back. The marriage did not last, and I started down a new path 3 years later, one that lead to law school, to Jeff, to Asia and to the two most beautiful children in the world.

This day, every year, I sort of find myself reflecting on the life that I have been leading. Has it been one I want? Has it been filled to the brim with joyfulness? Have I been following my inner callings, or have I been walking down a path I think I should take.

Many people start a new year off with resolutions, with goals for the coming year. You know, I think that the right time is to do it now. Three months into the "new year" on the date that spring starts, the date that the Christian church chose as a celebration of Christ and truly the most holy of the holidays (as many of you know Spring Solstice and Easter are linked). Rebirth, renewal....

I woke up today and thought, I am following my path.

The one I want to take. Even if it is different than the one others walk.

I am going to be happy, in my life, with my life, with my choices. This path is the correct path, I am just facing some up hill climbs now, but as any mountain biker will tell you, the uphill is necessary to have a gnarly ride back down!

Renewal, rebirth, rejoice. Spring is here, Easter is around the corner. Life is good, you just remember to see it that way.



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