Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Great Purge Begins...

OH, ONLY 36 HOURS... See, my mom flys in on Thursday night. Which is awesome. Can't wait to see her... can't wait to have someone to talk to (Still a bit lonely, but I digress) I CAN wait... I AM NOT READY...

I work from home now, after our move to Singapore, which is not optimal when you consider I have lots of telephone calls and lots of paper... I am a lawyer after all, but one copes. BUT, the biggest problem, logistics wise is the office doubles as my craft room/ Far Flung Crafts storage center and logistics hub/ and the GUEST ROOM. All of this is a 10x10 room.

So, about a week ago, I started to sort and stack stuff that needed sorting and stacking, then I started to purge a few magazines, and wouldn't you know it I threw away the 2003 Am Cham directory from Taipei, and Jeff needed it. Anyway, I have about a weeks worth of organzing and cleaning, plus a huge back load of work. Not to mention that I need to get Bonnie's heritage album done before Mom goes BACK to America.

Ok, so step one, recognize I have an addiction to clutter. Step two, just DO IT. (Who would have thought I would quote Nike?)

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