Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fighting sickness

Jeff is sick, upstairs neighbors are sick, just want to stay well myself. Started eating more whole foods, lots of great new recipes from the Clean Eating magazine. Tonight's dinner was brown rice and Mango Chicken with asparagus for veg. Yum and healthful.

Spent lots of $ at the store this week, but lots of it went to organic foods and staples, should have stuff stocked up for a while. Looks like Aussie strawberries are coming in (would love to have local, but this is the tropics afterall) so it may be time for another round of Freezer Jam!

Back with pictures of Malacca soon.


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Edleen said...

hey Kristy, hope everyone's feeling much better today.

let's have prata and teh tarik soon ;)

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