Monday, October 06, 2008

It was too bad really...

We went with high expectations, of course having attended the Portland Brewers fest many times before set us with unrelistic expectations for the inagural Singapore Beer Festival. We went Sunday evening, on a family day, which meant the kids and our helper didn't have to pay the admission fee. But we did and at $40 per adult it was a bit steep. Each bottle of beer/glass of beer was around 10 each as well, sold by ticket sales only. While there were a number of great beers available, the price was just a bit too steep. So Jeff and I purchased 160 dollars worth of tickets (which you also needed for food) and we each only had 4 beers. We were able to have a bottle of Rouge Dead Guy Ale, very yummy btw, and I had a very nice Belgian Brown beer, but the food was way over priced and while they said there would be kids activities there were not. The food options were slim and way overpriced ($20 for a bratwurst?). The highlight of the evening was that one of the distributors let us buy "bottles" of Negra Modelo to bring home with our remaining tickets.

It really was too bad that the festival wasn't that great overall, the bands were great, the beer was good, even the venue was good, it was just the obsene pricing. it would have been better to charge less for the venue and keep the beer at $10 a glass or reduce the cost of the beer per glass. i hope they try again next year as I am an optimist at heart and while I can't drink too much beer anymore, i hope. Get the pricing sorted out and we will be back but a 300 night for dinner and 4 beers just doesn't make it work.

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Edleen said...

i hope you had a better time @ my kampong ;)

have a great week ahead!
see you soon :)

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