Monday, November 10, 2008

Balancing Act

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This is a very interesting time. My goals and dreams of simplicity hit smack in the face with forced frugality. The issue is do I strongly encourage my husband to do something he doesn't want to do in order to get a few thousand dollars or do we tough it out, cut costs even more?

I struggle with this for a couple of reasons. So here is my "unofficial tally chart"

The famous Clash song running through my head now is should I stay or should I go now? interpreted to should he stay or go?


First, I fear the economy will not get better soon. Jobs, particularly ones that he either wants or will be suited for are not going to be "easy" to find. This adds one tally mark into the he should get this cash now while we can column.

I also fear that his not working will cause him to be depressed and putter around the house. I work from home and having the extra person does affect my work, so if I can keep him away from the house for another month or so, again, for my perspective it is a good thing. Tally two in the do it column.

Three, we can extend the time we can live without his working and not having to dig into savings. Eventually, depending on how long it takes for him to find work, and how much we can economize, this is potentially a good thing. So, one more tally mark. That makes three. Two for finance reasons, one for my own "reasons".


Now, in the column of why make him suffer. He is now ready to go. The die has been cast and it is time for him to move on. He has already begun the mental check out process and his work would be simply going through the motions. Tally one in Go Now Column.

He wants to thing about what types of jobs make him happy and I argue that I want to economize and scale back. To live simply. This is a kick start in that direction. Walk the walk baby. Tally two into the go column.

He won't be happy staying for a few more months, but I am really not sure he will be happy at home either. A lot of soul searching needs to take place. I think this is a zero for either column.

He could do more with the kids, volunteer at the school, be an active participant in the daily lives of the children. If he actually does this, it would be more than one tally, but because he is a guy and good intentions are well... you know the saying... but I will give him one tally. So now this is three.

there are the other reasons. If he is at home, he can exercise, cook, read, explore Singapore. He could plan for our future. But, he will also obsess over money, fret, worry, putter and putz around.

There are no real answers here, just what an average family faces when trying to decide what is best for us. I will let you all know what he decides.


Faye said...

skype is working. Give me a buzz whenever you need to. My turn to give a listening ear and supportive shoulder to a dear friend.

Catz said...

In these uncertain times I think it will always pay to have other "strings to our bow". My dh is training up for a 2nd career in case the present one comes to an end.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

I am loving the photos of Singapore btw I used to live there back in the 60's when my Dad was posted there. It has changed hugely since then though.

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